Neema Munisi

Neema studies Archaeology at the University of Dar es Salaam. Neema’s interest and contribution to Urithi Wetu project is an understanding of the styles and challenges of learning archaeology and heritage in Tanzania. This research is important because the teaching of archaeology and heritage in Africa is not only new when compared to other regions such as Europe and North America but also its syllabuses have remained a ‘copy and paste’ of those regions differences in learning backgrounds and/or environment notwithstanding. In some exceptions where new syllabuses have been developed, for the unknown reasons, the consumers of such planned knowledge (students) are never consulted. Consequently, based on the ongoing discussions on the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Archaeology and Heritage students and graduates feel like they had made a wrong choice and wish had not joined the University. It is here where Neema contributes by unravelling the styles and challenges of learning archaeology at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Urithi Wetu project believes that Neema’s main contribution will set good grounds to argue for pedagogical change. Consequently, Universities in Tanzania will introduce courses that prepare students to become entrepreneurs in the heritage sector, hence, develop projects that ensure heritage sustainability alongside livelihoods improvements.