Cultural Heritage Traditional Management Systems in Tanzania

The specific objectives of this Gerda Henkel Foundation funded project are:

  • To document tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Bagamoyo (Tanzania);
  • To explore values local people attach to the (documented) heritage sites in Bagamoyo;
  • To probe and document the indigenous knowledge and practices, if any, local people employ to preserve heritage found in their vicinity (in Bagamoyo);
  • Train two MA students in heritage studies – one in intangible heritage and another one on conflicts surrounding heritage sites;
  • To inquire into possible opportunities for which local people can invest and hence improve their livelihoods and;
  • To establish a community-based heritage preservation program in Bagamoyo.

To achieve the above objectives, this project covers both theoretical (scientific research) and practical aspects of cultural heritage management. The scientific research part seeks to investigate traditional knowledge and practices, and their potentials as alternative ways of managing cultural heritage in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. On the other hand, the project’s practical aspect seeks to establish viable heritage preservation at the same project area. This two-year project is important particularly in light of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, the 2063 Africa Agenda ‘The