"Urithi Wetu" at a glance

We are a research team under the University of Dar es Salaam. Our team engages in research projects to study heritage in order to contribute to preserving, promoting and sustainable utilization initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to improve communities’ livelihoods and maintain peace.

Research projects

We engage in conducting various archaeological and heritage research in Tanzania and beyond.

Information dissemination

We produce peer-reviewed publications and different reports based on our research undertakings.

Public Service

We provide professional archaeological and heritage related consulting services to institutions and companies from across the world. 

Trainings & other services

We collaborate with various stakeholders to conduct workshops, organize seminars and conferences, offer hands-on trainings as well as other services in the heritage sector.

Research Projects

Contact us:

If you have any query, comment or concern about our activities please be free to contact us. Also, write to us to let us know about your donation to support "Urithi Wetu" activities.